Are Your Days and Night Burning With Pain? This is CRPS or?


Are your days and nights burning with pain? Are you suffering from unbearable pains?

Burning days and nights

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) is a rare chronic disease that is known by many names like hand-foot atrophy,reflex sympathetic dystrophy,causalgia, reflex neurovascular dystophy, and musculoskeletal pain syndrome.

It is difficult to diagonose as doctor needs to test many things to finally diagnose a patients with CRPS.So it is very often misdiagnosed. It is poorly understood as well.

It has two types namely CRPS I and CRPS II.First type occures due to minor and major tissue injury and second type involves nerves injury. Person suffering from Ist and 2nd type goes through the same stages and symptoms. The unfortunate sufferers could even loose motivation to live as his normal functioning is disrupted very badly. Patients describe their flareups as burning pains. According to Bayer(2018), symptoms of CRPS include flare-ups, swelling of the limb, depression, insomnia, fatigue, skin color, temprature and texture changes, changes in weight, osteoporosis, and failure to function in a normal way.



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