This article page is a more detailed list of fibromyalgia symptoms in an easy to read listed format where each symptom is a link to a relevant specific treatment protocol. You may find symptoms here that you endure that are not usually identified in the so-called “common fibro symptoms”.

Some of the following links will be updated as new and more specific articles are published here on the site. This extended fibromyalgia symptoms list will get you familiar with the various symptoms and treatment options (not false cures) as you study our entire protocol for “eating the fibromyalgia elephant one symptom at a time”.

Whether you have been living with fibromyalgia for much of your lifetime, or are newly diagnosed, our site is designed to be user friendly and help you to live a better quality of life with fibromyalgia.

F-G says,”Use my symptoms list links.”

Please trust me when I say that  fibromyalgia is a very complex  syndrome, and there are no “silver  bullets”. But there are solutions that will help many if not most of you.

And,  those solutions vary depending on the  symptom. If we are going to create a  better quality of life, following my  entire protocol is the most effective way; but, three of the five  protocol steps are essential:

  • Minimizing Environmental Toxins in your life
  • Studying, understanding, and practicing mind body techniques such as meditation & deep breathing
  • Implementing an activity program that fits your current condition

Much of this website is devoted to helping you proceed down this path.