Research Found The Main Source Of Fibromyalgia Pain. Spread this Everyone ASAP


Written by: Kat Gal

If you or any of your loved ones are experiencing fibromyalgia, then you know all about the mystery around this disease. Despite millions of people experiencing fibromyalgia and fibro-like symptoms, many doctors still believe it’s in their patient’s’ heads.

As a fibro-warrior, you know already that your pain is not imaginary at all. Now you – finally – have research on your side too as scientists have discovered that the main source of your fibro pain is not psychological nor imagined, but stems from the excess blood vessels in your hands, legs and feet.

This discovery is ground-breaking and may lead to new treatments and possibly even a cure in the future to help over 5 million Americans dealing with fibromyalgia.

Searching for answers, researchers first looked at the skin of a patient’s hand who had reduced reaction to pain due to lack of sensory nerve fibers. Next they tooks samples from the hands of patients with fibromyalgia. What they found was unusually excessive amounts of a particular nerve fiber called arteriole-venule (AV).

What’s surprising about this is that until now, scientists had no idea that this nerve had anything to do with pain sensation. These fibers were thought to be responsible for blood flow regulation only. According to this new study, however, there is a direct link between AV and fibromyalgia pain.

Fibromyalgia is a difficult disease characterized by widespread deep tissue pain around your body with specific tender points that seem to aggravate symptoms. People also tend to have extreme pain in their hands and feet. Fibro patients tend to also experience debilitating fatigue and are triggered by cold weather. Looking at these symptoms and the results, Dr. Frank L. Rice, neuroscientist explained that the mismanaged blood flow by these nerve endings can be the source of muscular pain, fatigue and inflammation experienced by fibromyalgia patients.

Current treatments of fibromyalgia include narcotic pain medication, anti-seizure drugs and antidepressants. These treatments haven’t been bringing complete – if any – relief for millions of people with fibromyalgia, leaving them frustrated and disappointed. An added frustration comes when instead of support and relief, fibro-patients are told that it’s all in their head.

But it’s not, it’s not in your head, it’s in your body. Your pain is valid. This study is just the first step that can lead to further research, new treatments and possibly even a cure.

But what can you do in the meantime? Try these natural remedies that can help your fibromyalgia symptoms:

  • Eat a healthy diet: A whole-foods, plant-based, organic and alkaline diet filled with greens, vegetables, fruits, whole grains, nuts and seeds lower inflammation in your body and promote recovery.
  • Ginger and turmeric: Ginger and turmeric are powerful superfoods that are the best anti-inflammatory foods out there. Other anti-inflammatory superfoods include garlic, onions and honey.
  • Omega-3: Omega-3 fatty acids are anti-inflammatory and necessary for a healthy body. Take them in fish oil or vegan omega-3 supplement forms and eat plenty of hemp, flax and chia seeds filled with balanced omega-goodness.
  • Yoga: Yoga can lower your stress hormones and therefore, reduce inflammation and pain in your body.
  • Meditation: Meditation may promote relaxation and natural recovery in your body, mind and soul.
  • 5-HTP: 5-HTP supplements can relieve pain, fatigue and anxiety.
  • Acupuncture: Acupuncture is an ancient method to bring balance back to your body and help it holistically.
  • Sleep: Sleep promotes healing and is necessary for your overall well-being.


Are you or any of your loved ones experiencing fibromyalgia? What natural ways have you been able to manage and lower your symptoms? What do you think about this new research? Share in the comments below, we would love to hear from you.

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