Tramadol: this painkiller who wants you badly


Since Di-Antalvic was withdrawn from the market in 2011, another painkiller has come to replace it in our pharmacies: Tramadol.

This medication is used by patients to deal with joint pain and back pain. Since its distribution, its side effects are meticulously monitored by the French Agency for Health Safety of Health Products and the balance has fallen: Tramadol has dangerous side effects.

Patients who used it regularly found a strong addiction to this opium derivative, sleep disturbances, vomiting, disorientation, depression, fatigue, and even kidney and intestinal problems were found.

Since the withdrawal of Di-Antalvic from the market, Tramadol is marketed in France under the same name, or as active ingredient of twenty other drugs such as Tropalgic, Contramal or Ixprim. A French patient who took it regularly confided: “Nobody had warned me of addictive effects. I increased the doses and became completely addicted. He escaped by stopping consumption, at the price of ten days of nightmares.

In short, Tramadol is not the first drug to make a scandal. Many have even been the # 1 cause of cancer and fetal malformation. If you can avoid this kind of medicine, do not take it. Your life is at stake




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